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James Davis

As the first in his family to attend college, James achieved near perfect SAT and GRE scores to be admitted to Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Princeton, USC, UC Berkeley, Emory, Vassar, and other elite schools.

Through holistic mentorship, James not only tutors students in drills, strategy, and improvised problem-solving. But also empowers them with the confidence and attitude they need to beat the test and gain admission to elite schools.

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Mentoring students in essay construction (2017)

Student Reviews

“I struggle a lot with test anxiety, and I get easily distracted while studying for the SAT. But James has done an amazing job helping me overcome that stress, rapidly improve my scores, and practice effectively. To be honest, he’s the best teacher I’ve ever had.”
Megan Harr, High School Junior
“James isn’t just a tutor. He’s a mentor. Owing to his patience and teaching style for the GRE, my essay form and argumentation improved quickly and dramatically. I got a nearly full-ride scholarship to my dream school, and it’s helped launch my academic career as I enroll in a top philosophy grad school.”
Alex Rivera, Virginia Tech PhD Candidate
“Without James my admission to Brown would have been unthinkable. He makes every concept simple and beatable. Whether teaching SAT math problems by white board or suggesting essay fixes through google docs, he’s always an extremely patient and focused teacher.”
Erik Brown, Brown University Sophomore

Personalized Services

Vision Planning

Evaluate your student’s strengths, goals, and learning style to shape the mentorship experience through an initial assessment and meeting


Flexible Sessions

Mentor your student with timed drills, problem review, strategy lessons, and specialized assignments

$50 per hour

Full Immersion

Provide your student forty hours of personalized sessions each month, daily drills, and on-demand help with assignments

$1000 per month

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